Barges in Vancouver & Portland

JT Marine offers a variety of barges and barge cranes for your marine projects in the Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington areas. As a premier barge company located on the Columbia River, if you are looking to rent or lease a barge, please contact us so we can work together to meet your project needs.

JT Marine offers spud barges, as well as barges with custom anchor configurations depending on the location's needs. Our barges are frequently used for heavy civil construction projects taking place on the Willamette River and Columbia River, as well as wherever our services are needed.

If you are looking to lease or rent a barge, we have a large variety. Many of our barges come with spuds, and we are able to work with you and marine engineers to create a customized barge plan with specific spud and anchor details to meet agency requirements for your heavy civil construction project.

Additionally we have multiple large sized barge mounted cranes for performing marine lifts. Our floating crane barges have helped with major civil construction projects such as the construction of the Sellwood Bridge in Portland.

Once you've decided on your needs for the barge, we can look at your size requirements for the appropriate tugboat.


Barges in Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA

Below is our full list of barges available for rent, lease, or hire. If you have specific questions please contact us.

Barge Dimensions Description
DB Taylor 148' L x 50' W x 11' D Crane barge includes spuds and 70 ton crane.
DB Astoria 118' L x 33' W x 8' D Crane barge includes spuds and a 50 ton crane.
JTM 201 201' L x 34' W x 11' D Construction barge
JTM 173 173'L x 39'W x 9'D Construction barge
JTM 128 128'L x 33'W x 8'D Construction barge
JTM 110 110'L x 30'W x 8'D Construction barge
JTM 90 90'L x 29'W x 5'D Construction barge
JTM 60 60'L x 30'W x 5'D Construction barge
JTM 56 56' L x 31' W x 5' D Construction barge

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