JT Marine Inc offers a variety of tugboats and towboats to meet your needs in the Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon area. From tug assists and escorts through the passageways of the many bridges in Portland, to pushing your barge or vessel to its desired location along the Columbia, Willamette and Snake River Systems, we have tugs of all sizes to best meet your needs.

JT Marine Tugboats

Tugboats available in Portland, Vancouver, and NW
Tugboat Dimensions Description
Cristy T 99'L x 24'W x 6'D 1800 HP Tugboat
Irene T 150' X 120' 1560 HP Tugboat
TTT 38'L x 14'W x 5'D 500 HP Tugboat
Leann T 36'L x 11'W x 4'D 225 HP Tugboat
Taya T 24'L 200 HP Truckable Tugboat
Adriane T 74'L x 21'W x 9'D 600 HP Landing Craft
Kayla T 48'L x 15' W x 4'D 500 HP Tugboat

Recent Tugboat Projects

  • Undocking of the OSG Endurance

    Undocking of the OSG Endurance May 2020

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  • Recovering the Sunken Recreational Tug “Diane”

    JT Marine recovering the sunken recreational tug “Diane” from the Columbia River navigation channel just downstream from Bonneville Dam.

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  • Next Vessel Ready to Sail

    JT Marine has recently completed its fourth new vessel. The vessel required multiple crews working around the clock to complete in time for its launch. JT Marine is an experienced and trusted constructor of new vessels used around the globe.

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  • JT Marine ODOT Ross Island Bridge

    Ross Island Bridge

    JT Marine recently performed work on the Ross Island Bridge rehabilitation project in Portland, Oregon, an Oregon DOT project, as a subcontractor providing marine support for the prime contractor including transportation and lifting of construction equipment in difficult access areas.

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